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With a wide array of sensors inside indigenously developed experiment Pods and flight computer, Space Trek facilitates Weather Balloon Launch programs in high schools, museums, science centers and research organizations. The range of over 65 miles enables these systems to gather data from about thirty sensors simultaneously.


  • GPS
  • Temperature Sensors (up to -70C)
  • Barometer and Pressure Sensor
  • 4 UV Intensity Sensors
  • IR Contactless Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor

Apart from the flight computer, the NSI system consists of PODS - wireless sensor processing units. Each Pod is capable of communicating with up to 4 analog, 4 digital and 5
I2C sensors. With the ability to connect 30 external sensors on the Pods, our system can handle highly sophisticated and scientific weather balloon launches.

Water Rocketry Program

Bring the excitement of Rocketry to your classroom. From testing water rocket engines, to launching rockets in a controlled environment, we bring the complete Space Trek Rocketry experience to you.

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