Board of Directors


Senior Project Engineer
is a Senior Project Engineer for a major space contractor, with 35 years of experience working on the Space Shuttle program, mostly in process improvements for Payload & Cargo Integration. She is currently working on one of the Commercial Crew Development teams selected by NASA to design and build America’s next crewed space vehicle…


Senior Project Engineer
is a veteran of over 50 years experience in the aerospace industry at the NASA Johnson Space Center, focused on the design, development, and operation of manned spacecraft and their systems. His expertise is in propulsion and power systems; robotics; biomedical engineering; systems engineering and integration; and program management…


Chief Engineer
is a Chief Engineer with the Engineering and Science Group, the main engineering support contact at the Johnson Space Center, Houston. After completing a BS and MS in mechanical engineering, Satish joined the automotive industry in Detroit. He rose up to be an engineering manager leading large vehicle structural and mechanical analysis teams at GM, Ford and Chrysler…


Professor & Entrepreneur
is a management scholar-practitioner, a professor, an engineer, and an entrepreneur. He is currently involved in the Boeing’s DDT&E effort for building the cryogenic stages for the NASA Space Launch Systems for deep-space exploration. Prior to this, he led the Space Shuttle Integration Engineering for Boeing at NASA Johnson Space Center until the end of the program…

The Team

Abhishek Agrawal

is an engineer and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience at establishing innovative educational and travel programs for high school students. He is the founder and CEO of Atlantis Educational Services, Inc.

Michael Hull

Software Engineer
is an Instructor & Software Engineer for SpaceTrek and holds a degree in Software Engineering from Iowa State University