Registration & Account Information

Space Trek® Camps and Programs are held year round at the Center for Space Education, an Astronaut Memorial Foundation building at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Florida

The cost depends on the duration and type of program selected. The camp costs are mentioned on the booking page.

Individual participants can book a camp by clicking here, travel agents or school groups should email us at to inquire about availability and reservations.

You can email us at for all account related queries.

Space Trek® is open to school students from 11 to 18 years of age.

No we do not require any prior knowledge or training to attend Space Trek®. But we do expect the participants to have an aptitude and interest in space exploration and technology.

The camp starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm. We do not provide overnight accommodation.

We are located at the Center for Space Education building which located inside the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We have no formal relationship with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

No, at this point we do not offer overnight camp programs.

Yes, you can. But, to enter Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you will need to buy an entrance ticket or annual pass.

We take 30% deposit at the time of booking and the balance payment is due 45 days before the camp date.

The Space Trek® Camp facility is occasionally visited by news media, video/film crews, or photographers hired by Space Trek® for the purpose of taking promotional or publicity photographs, video or film. There is a possibility that students and adults attending programs will be photographed.

When registering for a Space Trek® programs, you are authorizing Atlantis Educational Services, Inc. or any entity or person authorized by it the use and reproduction of any and all photographs, video or film taken of the person whose record you are updating during program training activities and related activities. There will be no compensation to you. All negatives and positives, together with said prints, video or film are the property of Atlantis Educational Services, Inc. or the entity or person authorized or designated by it, solely and completely. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video or film taken during your visit. You affirmatively release and discharge Atlantis Educational Services, Inc. from any responsibility for any distortion or manipulation, whether intentional or otherwise, of photos, video or film taken of trainee during visit.

We hope that your child is able to attend their selected date; however, we understand situations may arise where you’ll need to change their registered week. In order to  transfer camp weeks, please email us at

All session transfer requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to scheduled session start date. You may request one session transfer at no charge; each additional transfer will cost $50. If you change your scheduled date to a date with a higher tuition, you will be required to pay the difference at the time of the transfer.

FORMS: Medical Restrictions Consent Form, Media Release Form, Dietrary restrictions must all be completed and on file prior to 30-days before your arrival date.

To qualify as a group and receive the group discount, you must have a minimum of 16 participants. Email us at for our group program options.

Yes! Space Trek® is a global program that welcomes students from all over the world. In fact, more than 80 percent of Space Trek® students each year are from international countries and locations. Students must have the proper paperwork to enter the U.S.

Packing for Camp

Space Trek® Dress Code:
While attending the program, trainees are required to dress in an appropriate and
conservative manner. Campers will be asked to refrain from wearing the following:
1. Shorts that do not cover the upper thigh
2. Dresses/skirts without shorts underneath
3. Low-cut tops
4. Tank tops that have straps that measure less than one inch in width
5. Any clothing that reveals undergarments
6. Shirts that reveal the midriff
7. Clothing (including hats) that display risqué, offensive, inappropriate logos, mottos or
art. This includes, but is not limited to, logos advertising or advocating the use of
alcoholic products, tobacco products or drugs.

Guests and trainees at the Center for Space Education and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex are permitted to have cellular phones and other personal electronic devices. However, our goal at Space Trek® is to provide the most immersive and
authentic experience for all trainees. The usage of these devices must not be disruptive in any way to other guests.

Participants are permitted to use personal electronic devices during scheduled program down time. If a participant is causing disruption to other guests while using an electronic device, Space Trek® Leadership Team will coach and mentor, and if necessary, contact a parent or chaperone. If the problem persists, the Space Trek® Leadership Team will follow the behavior guidelines, which could result in the removal from program activities.

On-site group chaperones have the discretion to limit usage and the responsibility to monitor personal electronic device activity of a participant.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers public-access WIFI networks for guests, but please note that limited bandwidth may cause unavoidable limits to WIFI access. In addition, guests must adhere to established standards of conduct on the network. The viewing of inappropriate content is strictly prohibited.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex or Space Trek® is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken electronic devices.

Food at Camp

If your child has a life threatening allergy associated with food, it is required that you consult with our on-site team prior to attending camp. Please email us the dietary requirements 30 days before the camp at to enable us to provide proper diet to the participants.

We provide lunch and snacks to the participants that includes soda and water. We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at the camp. If you have any special dietary requirements, information regarding the same should be emailed to us at least 30 days prior to the camp date. You can send an email to

Participants are allowed to bring snacks with them to camp.

Snacks containing nuts, may contain nuts, or processed in a facility with nuts are not allowed and will be immediately discarded without reimbursement.

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