I will tell my friends that this was an awesome trip. here we learned about space shuttles, telescopes and all about rockets. I will tell my friends to come at NASA and be a part of it.

I am going share my all experiences all space trek. It was amazing. Something great. An honor by my school to have been selected for this tour.

SpaceTreck is a wonderful program with tons of knowledge, education and fun. We get to know all about space and technological history.

I will tell my friends at school that it was interesting and fun and they missed something very valuable. The people we met were very sweet and out instructors were good and cleared every small doubt. In short, I enjoyed it a lot!

It was one of the best tours I have been to. Learnt so much. Got inspired by meeting some astronauts. I would like to recommend my friends for this space camp. One should be here once and once is enough o learn a lot!!!

I'll tell them about how we learned a ton about the past and future endeavors of NASA space travel. i'll tell them about all the factual information I learned and they're hate me because I won't stop talking. This was tons of fun.

I will tell my friends that how much fun I had at Kennedy Space Center. About the programming, construction of rockets, and about the teaching at the Kennedy Space Center

I would like to tell friends bout SpaceTrek. That how NASA is working for the betterment and improvement of human life. NASA is reveling the secrets of the universe that are hidden by Hubble telescope and future project Orion. This was amazing to visit KSC for such informative information.

it was something I had never imagined that I would be involved in. I felt a lot special to see what NASA has done or is up to. I would gladly invite my friends to visit and have a glance on one of the wonders of the world. I would thank USA and NASA for developing such an inspiring world.

I would tell them that these 3 days; 'Space Trek' was just amazing. We got to know and learn about so many new things. I would love to come back to KSC and learn more bout robotics and would encourage them to do so also.

Space Trek is very useful which teaches us more about robotics and NASA. It will be a great milestone in our life and helps us a lot in our career. I wish every student to come and attend this.

The NASA space trek was amazing. It was an awesome experience I would never miss a chance to come back here. The tour and the rides were amazing. Building the rocket was a lot of fun we learned a lot about space and team work. Our hosts were amazing.

OMG you gatta go there its so cool. You get to see rockets and shuttles they are huge. Also we learn what are they used for. There they tell you NASAs new mission and old missions.

I would tell my friends that space trek was action packed with fun things to do all over the place. although the veggie burgers tasted really good I thought the tours and activities were awesome.

That it was actually great and we weren't bored. Definitely advice them to come here. We actually learned more than we thought. It was a lot of fun since we come in group. We learned a lot more than just science. This visit was worth it 🙂

I will tell them that I had an amazing time at Space Trek. There is so much to learn about space here and about rockets too. The educators here are so friendly and help us.

I was inside Kennedy Space Center and I explored a lot and learned a lot. It was amazing to have really good educators who constantly inspire us to take up science and show life is still cool and its not all silence & paperwork.

I will tell that I made a water rocket I will tell that I made and sat on a rocket that sent me to Pakistan in 17 min and came back in 10 min.